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How to build and quickly lose weight

The slender muscular figure not just decorate, it is a sign of good health. Often, it is the figure is the main criterion for evaluation when they first met. That is why more and more people are seeking not just to lose weight, but a good pump up muscles. If you approach it correctly, you can do completely all at once.

How to build and quickly lose weight

Instruction How to build and quickly lose weight

Step 1:

Do not try to lose weight through a rigid diet. If you lose weight more than 1 kg per week, your body will slow down the fat burning process. Such a drastic reduction in caloric content of your diet will be a signal to the body of the occurrence of hard times, and therefore, the energy supply in the form of fat can not be spent. In addition, you will miss the energy to accelerate the growth of muscle fibers.

Step 2:

Review your principles of nutrition. In order to prevent fat deposits, reduce daily caloric intake by about 10-15%. Make a fractional food intake. Five-six-time power allows your liver to fully translate the received calories into kinetic energy without putting anything in reserve.

Step 3:

For the active growth of muscles need protein. Therefore, low-protein diet you absolutely do not fit. Your diet should be a lot of lean meat and dairy products. Be sure to start the day with porridge or muesli. Slow carbohydrates contained therein, will allow you to easily reduce the caloric content of 5-10% for lunch and dinner.

Step 4:

Eliminate from your diet transgenic fats, meats and fast carbohydrates contained in confectionery.

Step 5:

To get rid of fat, you need regular aerobic exercise. The best way to lose weight - this interval runs. Alternate jogging at a moderate pace with short accelerations. It is well to spend lipid reserves running on an inclined surface. Run by rugged terrain, or set the angle of 10-15 degrees on its treadmill. Duration runs should not be less than half an hour. Such load duration necessary to include a mechanism to burn fat.

Step 6:

Thrice spend strength training a week. This is necessary for both men and women.

Step 7:

To muscles grow faster, perform basic exercises, aimed at the elaboration of a large number of muscles simultaneously. Narrow targeted exercises are needed only for professional athletes, who shall communicate its muscular relief to perfection. Your favorite exercises should be: deadlift, bench press from the chest, squats, pull-ups and push-ups.

Step 8:

Working with free weights helps build muscle faster than working with simulators. This will allow you to do the exercises even in the most poorly-equipped gym. The bar and set of dumbbells of different weights there and there.

Step 9:

Before independent strength training, consult a fitness instructor. The effectiveness of the most basic exercises depends on correct implementation. Spend money on personal training to learn proper technique.

Step 10:

Be sure to make between strength training at least one day of rest. Otherwise, you can "score" the muscles. This will lead to the fact that muscle growth will slow down significantly.