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How to build long muscles

Strong back - the key to success in almost any sport force. Carrying frame function, it takes up the main load and weightlifting sessions, and during the wrestling matches. In addition, the back straight - it is also a sign of health. A basis for a healthy and long straight back up the muscles.

How to build long muscles

Instruction how to build long muscles

Step 1:

Long muscles par with short consists of two kinds of deep back muscles. The human body has three types of long muscles: belt muscles of the neck and head and spinal extensor cross-awned. Each of these types has a direct appointment. Since belt muscles help move the head and neck, cross-bristlecone provides extension of the upper spine, as well as its rotation. Finally, the extensor of the spine - the longest and strongest muscles of the back.

Step 2:

To strengthen the muscles of the back data fit several types of training: exercise with weights (trainer, barbell, dumbbells) and exercise without weights. It exercises with weights should be the prevailing component in the list of training for those who long strengthens the back muscles. It is best to do them at the gym with the appropriate equipment, as well as the presence of a safety net partners.

Step 3:

Those who successfully copes with the rod, can try the following exercises: barbell lying slopes. To do this, take a horizontal position on the bench, face down. Secure barbell behind your head. Perform slopes down (seat fold - lower back) to return to the initial horizontal position.

Step 4:

The slopes of the pole sitting. The key difference from the previous exercise is that here you do not have to lie and sit on the bench, carrying the slopes down to the hips. At the same time your elbows touch the knees.

Step 5:

The slopes of the pole standing. In this case, you occupy an upright position (standing on props needed). The bar at this time is in the hands bent at chest level. Inclinations carried down arm straightened while omitting the post.

Step 6:

Those who are closer to the dumbbell, you can suggest the following exercises. Starting position - standing, dumbbells are extended upwards hands. When the body is tilted toward the knees hands with shells pass between his legs.

Step 7:

Hooking these exercises can exercise without weights, including various types of push-ups.