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How to build the lower chest muscles

Wide chest relief as developed shoulder girdle - a sign of a real man. Chest muscle consists of three bundles: the upper or clavicular, middle, which is also called the sternum, and the lower, abdominal. Novice athletes often experience difficulty in exploring is the lower part of the chest.

How to build the lower chest muscles

Instruction how to pump up the muscles of the lower chest

Step 1:

Bench press - one of the basic exercises, which helps to develop all three parts of the pectoral muscle. Note: you need to keep the barbell wide grip, placing your hands at shoulder width, otherwise you will give most of the load on the upper chest. Perform exercise better with the assistant. Lie on a bench sport so that the head, shoulders and buttocks tightly pressed against her back and kept the natural curve in the lower back. Steadily, place your feet on both sides of the bench. Take the neck wide grip and squeeze the top post. Do not lock your elbows, keeping them slightly bent. In the rest position, the rod should be opposite to the middle of the chest. Sniffing, lower it to the bottom of the chest and immediately squeeze upward and slightly diagonal so that the return to the starting position.

Step 2:

Increase the weight of the pectoralis major muscle and allow exercises with dumbbells. One of the base - a bench press with dumbbells. Furthermore, it allows for separation of the exercise of the right and left halves of the chest, to form a beautiful relief. Starting position repeats the start point of the previous exercise. Do not forget to follow in order to maintain proper bend back and feet were widely rastavleny and confidence rested on the floor. Take the dumbbell grip the top and put your hands on him, placing them at chest level. Vultures dumbbell should be positioned perpendicular to the bench and almost touch each other. On the inhale bend your elbows, throwing them to the side and lower your arms to the sides of the torso. When the dumbbells at chest level will again squeeze them up in a wide arc, trying to maximize stretch the lower part of the pectoral muscle. Return to the starting position.

Step 3:

It helps to give the amount of the lower part of the chest muscles and dumbbell bench press on a bench with a slope down. The back bench dip down about 30-45 degrees. Lie on your back, place the feet on the platen. Starting position: head, shoulders, buttocks pressed against the bench, hands holding dumbbells grip on top, lifted up and fully extended. On the inhale, lower the dumbbells to the outer edges of the chest, trying to maximize muscle strain. Elbows breed apart. Without pause, again squeeze the dumbbells up. Exhale make only overcome the most difficult lift station.