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How to build your arms and shoulders

Train the muscles of hands, simultaneously with the working of the shoulder muscles. In addition, you must determine in advance exactly what you want: to make the muscles more prominent or increase their mass. On this will depend not only on training program, but also diet.

How to build your arms and shoulders

Instruction how to pump your arms and shoulders

Step 1:

In order to make the muscles more relief, you will need to stick to protein diet. It is necessary not only to increase the amount of protein, but they replace part of the carbohydrates. You may also want to reduce the intake of fat and. Note, it is reduced and does not abandon it. Just try not to fill salads with mayonnaise, and, for example, olive oil or soy. And instead of fatty meat eat chicken. In that case, if you need to increase muscle mass, you will not only have to include in your diet plenty of protein, but also to increase the number of meals. Eat in smaller amounts, but often. This will not only allow you to increase muscle fiber, but also improve the effectiveness of training (engaged on a full stomach is quite difficult, and useless).

Step 2:

Now we should go directly to the exercises. Let's start with the shoulders: take a standing position, feet shoulder width apart. Pick up a dumbbell, then lower them to your sides. Please raise your shoulders, then lower. Exhale do when picked up, and exhale - lowering. More should be done shoulders circular motion back and forth.

Step 3:

The following exercise: put his feet back on the width of the shoulders and the torso leaning forward slightly. Do the same movements as when navigating "crawl". When the bend arm and pick it up, breathe out, and when straighten - breath.

Step 4:

Now again with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands along the lower body (palms facing inwards). Begin to make circular movements with his hands forward and then backward. If a show of hands, too, breathe out, and when lowering - inhale. After that, sit on a chair or bench, grab the bar. Squeeze her wide grip because of the head. Watch for breathing.

Step 5:

The following exercise aims to train already hands, not your shoulders. Running it with dumbbells in a sitting position. Sit down, by the way, should be on the edge of the bench, feet apart so that they are wider than the shoulders. Elbow one-handed position on the inside of the thigh, and the other on the knee lean leg. Bend over, bend the arm as much as possible (preferably to the dumbbell almost touched the floor). At the same time, try to keep your back straight. Return to starting position and do the same, but now the dumbbell, take in the other hand.