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How to choose a bench for the press

Classes at the press bench press to pump enable, enhance stamina, and help to keep the body in good shape. In addition, engaging in the bench press, you can use additional tools - metal discs or dumbbells (they will develop the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle).

How to choose a bench for the press

Instruction for how to choose a bench press

Step 1:

When buying a bench for the press, first check the material from which it is made. The ideal option for the main parts will be steel, it has a durable, can withstand heavy loads, ensures the safety of use of the simulator. Remember, and that the quality of the upholstery materials also affects the durability. Therefore, when buying it is necessary to check the density of the material and the quality of the seams, or upholstery in a few days may just come into disrepair. It is recommended that the coating is made of a bench antiallergic material. Moreover, the greater the area of ​​contact with the body simulator, the more convenient it will be to deal with.

Step 2:

One of the most important characteristics of the bench for the press - is the ability to control the tilt angle and a footrest. This allows you to independently adjust the size of the load, which will increase the effectiveness of exercise several times. This feature is particularly important in professional work of the muscles, you can choose exactly the position that you need at a particular moment. Adjusting the bench should be simple and convenient, to any member of your family can use it.

Step 3:

Before you buy be sure to check what the maximum weight can withstand a simulator, and match it with its weight and the weight of each of the family members, who are also planning to rock press.

Step 4:

Cover footrest should be made of soft and durable material, to prevent the occurrence of injuries and bruises, as well as to ensure maximum comfort when training.