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How to choose a children's skis

For skiing, there is no age limit. To teach the child to the helpful and cheerful ski trip, it should be as soon as possible to begin to engage. Properly selected children's skis will not only help your child get a taste for skating, but also to avoid injuries after the inevitable fall.

How to choose a children's skis

Instruction how to choose children's skis

Step 1:

Consider the height and age of the child. Purchase "for growth" model leads to the fact that the skis do not obey the owner, beating him all desire to ride. Skiing should be a little "below" the child, if he is under the age of five years. The ideal length is from 400 to 800 meters. These skis will not hamper the movement of the child and help him run faster to master the technique. At the time of entry into school age, ski length may exceed the growth of 10 - 15 cm. To choose the right skis for children, place them vertically next to the child and ask him to touch the tip of your fingertips. If the length is chosen correctly, the child will be able to reach.

Step 2:

Start with wooden skis. They will not be allowed to develop too much speed and better controlled cornering. Moreover, it is easier to pick up the grease. Remember that the wider the skis, so they are more stable and slower. As soon as the child will improve their skills, move to a more narrow and lightweight plastic models. This material provides a stronger and better glide.

Step 3:

Make as skis. Weigh in the right and left hands of a pair of skis. Make sure that their weight was about the same, and the center of gravity in one place - at the level of attachment. Do not buy skis, if they have cracks or deep scratches. Trough on the sliding face should be smooth.

Step 4:

Choose the right ski equipment. Sticks are the perfect length to get up to his armpits. They may be a little longer, but not shorter, or cross-country skiing will be fraught with considerable inconvenience, and the spine will receive an additional burden. Check the shape of the tip sticks. For children's models of skis they do in the form of a ring to increase the contact area on the snow. If your child is just starting to ride, suggested he try without sticks. That'll teach him to keep his balance.

Step 5:

Choose semi-rigid mounting, consisting of a metal base and leather straps. They do not slide too easily, but do not hold down the foot of the child, which is especially important in the fall. The castle on the mount also should not be too tight so that the child can independently put on skis, if they flew.