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How to choose a ski wax

Ski walk may seem rather unpleasant exercise, if you have to drag the skiing heavy lumps of snow. This means that you have picked the wrong ointment. Also not so great if you do not obey skiing and strive to go both forward and backward. It is also a sign of improper selection of the ointment.

How to choose a ski wax

Instruction how to choose ski wax

Step 1:

Even if you're not an athlete, skier, and a lover of skiing, you have to learn to understand the ski ointments. Thus, the ski wax is of two types: sliding and holding the ointment ointment.

Step 2:

The names speak for themselves, but it is possible and more. The ointment keeps holding skis from the impact, ie, Skiing is not spontaneously roll back out from under your feet. The ointment is applied to the block holding skis, it's somewhere up to 50 cm from the heel of the shoe, installed in mounting skiing.

Step 3:

If you are not a very experienced skier, you can extend this part is still up to 10-15 cm. In no case do not lubricate with ointment holding the bottom of the ski. Otherwise, you risk not budge.

Step 4:

The ointment is applied to slip the rest of the ski, on the heel and toe. It is the choice of plain ointment depends on your speed and well-being on the track.

Step 5:

Ointments are different slip. This can be waxes, accelerators, emulsions, pastes, aerosols, etc. If you exercise, you will need to deal with an option for ski ointment thoroughly. It will have to read a bunch of literature, ask for help from experienced skiers.

Step 6:

But if you're not a professional athlete, you should not bother with a choice of ointment. For your ski is quite suitable paraffin lubricant. The waxes are fluorinated and paraffins without fluoride. Fluorinated applied at high humidity (over 50%).

Step 7:

In frosty weather suitable unsaturated paraffins without fluoride. Domestic paraffin lubricant Ski Ray, MVIS, Vista FEST well suited for amateur skiers. They are inexpensive and have an unlimited shelf life. One set will be enough for many years.

Step 8:

Choose Ski ointment two types: plain ointment and ointment to keep. In the selection of ointment for a specific campaign in the forest stop in the vehicle to the appropriate temperature and humidity.

Step 9:

When he came to the forest and stood on the ski runs, you find that you made a mistake with the choice ointment, better peremazhte skiing. It only takes a few minutes, but it did not spoil the trip. Just bring your two tubes of ointment for a slightly higher temperature and a slightly lower and cork ointment.

Step 10:

To make life easier for amateur skiers produced universal ointment to a wide temperature range from + 3 ° C to -20 ° C. After purchasing a tube of such an agent, you will be able to ride the entire ski season.

Step 11:

In addition, experienced skiers offer skiing for beginners to smear the same ointment, such as Vista, only shoe skiing cause the same ointment, but warmer pogodu.V any case, no matter what you choose ointment, smeared skiing better than not lubricated at all.