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How to choose a swimming mask

swimming mask allows a person to see in the water nearly as well as in the air. Without it there can be neither spearfishing or ordinary sightseeing trip with the purpose of acquaintance with the inhabitants of the deep sea. It is therefore important to choose the right mask for swimming, so that it gives you a good overview, not fog up or enters.

How to choose a swimming mask

Instruction how to choose swimming mask

Step 1:

The designs of modern masks for diving consist of three parts: the hard rim, which protects the lens from damage, soft silicone body, providing tightness and adjustable fastening strap. Choosing a mask in the store first, simply attach it to the person without wearing the strap. Breathe in the nose. If the mask properly and the village is right for you, it will stick to the face and will be held even without the strap.

Step 2:

Now consider it in more detail. Shutter - silicone bezel housing must be soft enough so as not to rub or irritate the delicate skin of the face. The color of the soft body is also important. Professionals-divers and underwater hunters prefer black opaque material. Angle with narrowed, but the lens does not glare. In that case, when you buy a mask for the submarine leisurely walks, select body color according to your preferences, on a mask it would have no impact.

Step 3:

For someone who is going to dive to a depth of more compact fit mask with small volumes podmasochnogo space between the lens and the face. Lifting force at such a mask is small and it will not pull you to the surface when submerged. Choose a mask, in which the figure is in the range of 300 cubic mm.

Step 4:

Novice divers dive for the first experiments with a suitable mask monosteklom. More reliable is that with two glasses. It is used for deep dives. On sale there are also masks with corrective lenses, in this case, choose the appropriate diopter you can with the shop assistant.

Step 5:

Tightness of the mask depends on how it is conveniently and reliably be secured to the head. Fixing strap allows you to adjust the degree of pressing obturators to the skin. It must be equipped with swivel buckles and a special neoprene nozzle that long hair does not rip when you take off the mask.