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How to choose skis and poles for growth

In recent years, skiing has become a very popular sport. Success in this business depends not only on the professionalism of the skier, but his outfit. Special attention should be paid to the choice of skis and poles.

How to choose skis and poles for growth

Instruction how to choose skis and poles for growth

Step 1:

For each style of riding has its own requirements for the length of skis and poles. When choosing equipment for skiing ridge course, put skis beside him. Their length shall be 15 cm higher than your height. For example, if your height is 170 cm, a suitable height is 185 cm skis.

Step 2:

Similarly, you can pick up and stick. Only their length should be, on the contrary, less than your height 15-20 cm. Of course, if physical fitness is good enough hands, sticks and the height can be increased. But the maximum of their length should not exceed the level of the ear, and the minimum - not fall below the shoulders.

Step 3:

To determine the length of skis for classic skiing, add to his height of 25-30 cm. The resulting sum is the optimal length. The height of the poles should be at exactly the same distance is less than the growth of the skier, in a classic way. And for walking the length of skis should not exceed the height of the skier more than 15-25 cm.

Step 4:

When selecting skis guided not only on growth, but also on the weight, and the degree of fitness. Since well-trained athletes sustain more weight equipment. If you are more than confident skier and often skate, subtract from their height of 10 cm, and if you are a beginner - 20 cm.

Step 5:

To calculate the length of children's skis and poles there is a special table, which can be found on the Internet. Their length is influenced not only growth, but also the age of the baby. But, in any case do not buy the outfit for the baby "for growth." This can lead to injury, as the kid just will not be able to ride them properly.

Step 6:

When choosing your equipment, pay attention to its weight and rigidity. It should be as rigid, but lightweight.