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How to choose the length of skis

Choosing ski length depends on your experience in skiing as a whole. There are a number of important factors that should be considered when proper selection of equipment: the type of skis, your level of training and your weight. Let us examine, what are the important rules for choosing the length of skis.

How to choose the length of skis

You will need:

- Specialized ski shop; - The exact height and weight data.

Instruction on how to choose the length of skis

Step 1:

Tell the customer service representative, on what type of skis you prefer to drive. There are different types of skis: mountain, ridge, for driving a classic course, professional or pleasure. They all differ in length, structure and notches. All this must be taken into account. These data will help you to quickly choose the length of skis.

Step 2:

Be honest with the seller of your abilities. Do you need a ski length that will fit your current level of skiing. This is to ensure that you feel well and controlled the ski runs. Beginners are usually advised to choose a shorter ski. While experienced - longer.

Step 3:

Notify consultant at the store your actual body weight at the moment. It will be necessary for accurate collection of ski carrier design. You might be acceptable skis longer or shorter than about your weight and height. This has already been taken care personnel in the store.

Step 4:

Look at the state of the ski in the store and try them right there. Put on your ski boots, insert them into the mount, rotate the feet in place. It is important that you have been in them comfortable and well-leg sitting. In fact, this is one of the key points when choosing a suitable pair of skis you in length.