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How to conduct meditation «May all sentient beings be happy!»

The object of meditation can be any object or phenomenon. We can in the practice to use the method of Energy, our sensations, or the method of Consciousness, when concentrating on something and will power to hold the attention. A good option would be, when we are able to combine these methods. For the beginner meditation practice is very suitable wish happiness to all living beings.

How to conduct meditation & laquo; May all beings be happy & raquo!;

All people are different, the conditions of life of all of us is also very different. Yoga tells us that all that surrounds us, we have created themselves by their actions or inaction, ie the adoption of certain situations.

From the point of view of yoga is nothing accidental in this universe. All fair and balanced, even if we sometimes do not think so.

When we begin to practice meditation, you and I are in different conditions. Someone easier and given the practice itself, and all life, someone heavier. To our karmic situation to change to a more joyful, start practicing meditation, "May all sentient beings be happy!"

From the practice of meditation, we can get all the advantages that any meditation gives. But still, as an addition, we will be able to untie knots of our negative karma.

Meditation is the wish of happiness to all living beings that exist in our world. First, we wish good luck to all friends and relatives, then to all those to whom we are indifferent, everyone who does not know us, and then we wish happiness to all our detractors.

Not the right person, who thinks that he can build his happiness on the troubles of other living beings. Yoga Teachings says that everything is interconnected in this universe. And it turns out that if we bring suffering to other living beings, that by and large the suffering we bring to ourselves as ourselves.