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How to defeat the enemy in the fight

The hero of Brad Pitt from the movie "Fight Club," said, "You do not know anything about yourself, if you have never fought." To what extent this is true, we should not be judged. Another thing is that a street fight may lie in wait for you, not only in a dark alley, but in the shining lights of the lobby, the restaurant of the highest class. That is why you need to know how to win the fight.

How to defeat the enemy in the fight

Instruction how to defeat the enemy in the fight

Step 1:

Try to get rid of excess clothing, for which you can grab. Throw off the jacket, scarf, stay in a shirt or sweater. Try to stay far away from objects such as stairs or curbs - they can be tripped over or get seriously injured when falling head.

Step 2:

Take a seat next to a bench or a billboard, which is able to cover you from behind.

Step 3:

To cope with the excitement that occurs before the fight, do not be silent. Talk and actively breathing. Do not grow in the ground in front of the enemy, move, shake, bounce. This does not allow an attacker to grab you by the lapels.

Step 4:

If you see that the fight is inevitable - the first hit. Yes, this is not a gentleman, but you're not in the ring. But you get a definite advantage, as strikes at a stationary target. Such an attack would be more efficient and possibly even after the fighting ends.

Step 5:

Do not stop with one blow. A couple of quick sharp blows inflict far more damage and have a strong psychological pressure. Beat series of two or three hits and immediately retreat to a safe distance.

Step 6:

Forget about the rules of decency. Apply blows the head, knees, elbows, bite, juicy spit in the face of an opponent. Your task - not to win on points and remain intact as much as possible.

Step 7:

Hit his head, apply in person at close range, in other cases they are useless. A strong blow to the nose is able to shut down your opponent for a long time.

Step 8:

Do not try to necessarily get into the body or in the head. Attempts on the feet is not less effective, as they allow to stop the opponent's movement. A sharp blow to the shin - is one of the most painful. Beat in the groin, but if you believe in the power of his stroke, otherwise you will only infuriate the enemy.

Step 9:

Constantly moving. Do not give the opponent the opportunity to strike a powerful blow. Shy away from direct blows to the head. Do not let the paint yourself into a corner - get out of there without severe damage will be impossible.

Step 10:

The main task - to stay on his feet. If, however, you are knocked to the ground and beat his feet, do not lie on the ground. Move, try to crawl, twist - so you will be more difficult to get, and you get less strikes. Strive to his feet quickly. You can represent an epileptic seizure - a puzzle opponent and give you a chance to get back into a fighting stance.

Step 11:

Stopping the attacker, do not try to finish it. Go away from the battlefield. There is no guarantee that the aid is in no hurry to your opponent well-armed company. It is better to get out of the fight by a place, than to prove the viability of a fighting aggressive persons.