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How to determine the size of the bicycle frame

It is very important to choose the right size bicycle frame, as this will depend on not only the comfort and convenience while driving, but also safety. Additional complexity is the difference designations manufacturers - frame size may be designated as inches ("), Centimeters (cm), and arbitrary units (XS, S, M, L, XL).

How to determine the size of the bicycle frame

You will need:

- measuring tape or tape measure; - size table; - a bike.

Instruction how to determine the size of the bicycle frame

Step 1:

Mountain bike or city selected on the basis of its growth according to the table. If your growth was on the border of the two recommended size, pay attention to whether the design provides shock-absorbing seatpost. Since it does not allow to lower the saddle until the end, if available, choose a smaller bike.

Step 2:

For travel on a long distance road bike buy, he high-top tube is different. When choosing, consider the frame, in addition to growth, the size of the top and seat tube. Stand next to the bike - the distance between the groin and the top tube should be at least 5-8 cm (this is especially important for men).

Step 3:

When choosing a child's bicycle, consider not only growth, but also age (though, if your child is growing faster than average performance, choose a larger bike). It is very convenient to use bikes with adjustable seat height and steering - in this case, the equipment will last more than one year. Pay attention to the shape of the frame - the lower the upper tube is, the safer it will be skating as a child will be able to jump from the seat in the event of loss of control.

Step 4:

For active and extreme skiing, choose a frame smaller than for a quiet ride on a flat road, because this bike will be more brisk and manageable.

Step 5:

If you lean physique, take a bike with a big Rostovka, for full is better to choose a technique to smaller size - it will be easier to steer, to sit down and get off. In addition, it counts the length of the arms and legs, if you have short arms or legs, better buy a smaller bike, or choose the technique with minimal removal of the steering wheel and the ability to lower the seat as low as possible.

Step 6:

When buying, ask permission to sit on the bike and drive a little bit. frame size you can fit nominally, but you will feel discomfort when riding - in this case, give up the purchase, you should not rely on the fact that over time, you will be able to get used to the awkward position.