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How to develop superpowers

What is a superpower, and why it is needed at all? Development and increase power performance is inextricably linked to the increase in fast-twitch muscle fibers. It is they who are responsible for the explosive release of energy, helping to counteract the external factors and overcome them. Development of force occurs mainly by improving the nervous and muscular systems.

How to develop superpowers

You will need:

- barbell; - Heavy medbol; - Knowledge of its maximum power.

Instruction how to develop superpowers

Step 1:

Use the method of repeated submaximal stress, to increase muscle mass. To do this, use the weight of burdens shall be 85% of the maximum possible weight.

Step 2:

Perform the exercise to failure, that is, the last repetition, you must perform after "can not". This makes it possible to achieve the desired physiological stimulus for the growth of muscle diameter. After each approach, increase the weight by 5-10%.

Step 3:

Do 5 sets of each exercise and rest between sets for about one minute. Try to do stretching during the holidays, it can increase the power component to 19%. Frequency of sessions - twice a week, so that the muscles have time to recover.

Step 4:

Choose exercises such as the bench press, squats, vertical traction bars, bench press barbell standing, bent rod in the slope, the rise in the biceps standing.

Step 5:

For the development of shock, explosive strength, use of speed-strength exercises. The second name of this type of exercise - plyometric. With this method, the muscles first stretched, and then sharply reduced, with the power of giving the kinetic energy.

Step 6:

Use exercises such as squats to jumping out upwards, jump from a height of 50-70 cm from jumping out forward and upward to the leg muscles. Exercises can be performed with weights. For the muscles in the arms and shoulders can be used with push-ups or push-ups jumping out "cotton" jump-ups on the hands, throws a heavy medbola from the chest. Before Plyometric exercises require a good workout for the joints, as all sharp movements are quite traumatic.

Step 7:

All plyometric exercises are performed until muscle fatigue. Intervals between sets of 5 minutes, the number of sets of three to five.

Step 8:

If you need to increase the maximum power without increasing muscle mass, use isometric exercises. This exercise, consisting of short-term maximum effort in a static position.

Step 9:

The strength of the voltage should be 95-100% of your maximum load. The number of reps from one to three voltage duration not greater than 12 seconds. Rest between voltages from 30 to 90 seconds.