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How to develop your back muscles

Many women underestimate the need to train the muscles of the back and shoulders. More often ladies spend all his energy to work on your hips and press. As a result, the back muscles weaken, they are not accustomed to the correct position and instead of being constantly dragged back, bend forward. From this posture suffers, sagging stomach, pain in the neck and lower back. Complete this unfortunate gap in your fitness program.

How to develop your back muscles

You will need:

- rubber shock absorber; - Dumbbells; - Gymnastic mat; - Fitbol large size (not less than 65 cm in diameter).

Instruction how to develop your back muscles

Step 1:

Sit on a gym mat. Pull the legs forward, rest stops in the middle of a stretched rubber shock absorber, the ends of which take in hand. Stretch your arms forward parallel to the legs by expanding palm down to the shock absorber slack. Take blades back and down. Chest flatten and tighten the shock absorber to the stomach, throwing elbows to the sides. Return to starting position.

Step 2:

Stand on the middle of the rubber damper. Pull the ends of the arms, hands, expand ago. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Tighten the press, straighten the spine and pull the shoulder blades back and down. Bend your elbows and spread them to the sides to shoulder level. Lower the arms and return to starting position.

Step 3:

Take a dumbbell in your right hand. Put your left foot in front of right. Slightly bend your left knee, tilt the body so that it is directly above the left knee and was almost parallel to the floor. Abut left hand on the hip. The right hand lower down - it must be directly under the shoulder joint. Palm expand inside. Take blades back and down, hips and shoulders should be deployed to the floor. Tighten your abs. Raise your hand with the dumbbell to the side at shoulder level, elbows slightly bent. Lower the arm down.

Step 4:

In the left hand take a dumbbell, the right place on the belt. Transfer the body weight to the right leg, slightly bend the knee and tilt the body parallel to the floor. Lower the left arm straight down, palm expand inside. Lift straight left leg so that it forms a straight line with the body. Stay in this position and pull the dumbbell to the chest. The elbow should not be turned out to the side, keep it as close as possible to the body. Do 10-12 repetitions for one hand, then change legs and do the same amount of reps for the other arm. This is one approach. To complicate the exercise, you can take a second dumbbell and perform thrust both hands simultaneously.

Step 5:

Lie on fitball belly, spreading his legs and put them on their toes. Cross your arms, touching their balls. Looking send to the floor. Lift the body, tensing the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Simultaneously, straighten your back and move the hands, palms inward. Shoulders should be omitted, and the head should be in line with the spine. Do not bend at the waist too much and relax your stomach. Hold for two seconds and return to starting position.