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How to display the lactic acid from the muscles

With the occurrence of pain in the muscles after intensive workout every sign, who are just starting to engage in sports. This happens because lactic acid in the muscles occurs. The pain usually goes away in a day or two. But there are several ways how you can help yourself "right now".

How to display the lactic acid from the muscles

Instruction how to get the lactic acid out of muscles

Step 1:

Lactic acid is formed when carbohydrate metabolism. Scheme its formation is as follows: carbohydrates are cleaved, then splits glucose, lactic acid after actually result in lactate and hydrogen ion. By the way, the hydrogen ion is responsible for the pain and a burning sensation in the muscles. A lactate, vice versa, as would "invigorates" muscles. Was the result of too much hard training can not ignore the pain. After all the pain - an indicator of ill health and the fact that the body is not all right. To regular exercise did not get to the body of stress and muscle did not start regularly get sick, you need to perform a number of recommendations. And one of them - certainly before training the muscles need to warm up. To do this, you need to spend a little workout, it is performed mostly on cardio. This is necessary so that the body is tuned for the next load.

How to display the lactic acid from the muscles

Step 2:

The main and most important recommendation - balance training programs. To print from muscle accumulated lactic acid in them, you need to intelligently combine the short but high intensity workouts and long training with endurance exercise. lactic acid excretion occurs due to rapid metabolism.

How to display the lactic acid from the muscles

Step 3:

Another way to reduce the level of lactic acid in the muscles - after a workout calmly, without haste and without much effort 10 minutes rotate the pedals on a stationary bike.

How to display the lactic acid from the muscles

Step 4:

In addition to these methods also recommend massage, a warm bath, complete rest, green tea, in some cases, beer or wine. However, research has not shown that these methods can help rid the body of accumulated lactic acid. And if these measures are used, the more as prevention, which will help prepare muscles for a workout or relax them afterwards. And this, in turn, will help them to recover more quickly after unaccustomed exercise.