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How to fill a punch

Often, when there is no training, even coming out victorious from the fight, you can get hurt from the flayed skin to dislocated joints. Stuffing is used in order to prepare the surface of the drums take the kick, move heavy loads. Simply put, that impact is not severe pain arose. Also packing reduces the risk, if not eliminates, get seriously damaged.

How to fill a punch

Instruction how to fill a punch

Step 1:

The first thing to understand, carrying pack, that it in no case should not cause injury. Therefore it is very important to know "measure". You can get a variety of injuries, the treatment of which will take time. Therefore it is important to approach the printing process efficiently and to listen carefully to the recommendations of the coach.

Step 2:

Perhaps the most common way of packing - is to work with makiwara. This is a simple projectile driving range, both hands and feet, a series of strikes. Makiwara is also convenient for the driving range on the side and rear. There are many types of projectile, but the most simple - a thin beam, dug into the ground and wrapped with a cloth in the area of ​​impact.

Step 3:

During packing it is not necessary to forget about technique. If you hit correctly placed, you can safely proceed to the workout. The main thing, do the exercises regularly, gradually increasing the load, so to speak, "without fanaticism". The first stage will be sufficient 40-50 strokes with each hand. Over time, the pain will fade, and the number of strokes can be increased.

Step 4:

Stuffing need to deal with on a daily basis. Only regular employment will help achieve the desired result. It is important to clearly perceive pain. If the pain starts to increase, stop packing.

Step 5:

Stuffing can be practiced at home. To do this, you do not need special equipment. Apply light strikes the wall, half power (the main thing is not to injure your hands). This will strengthen the impact surface. Be very careful. The wall will break through, to put it mildly, difficult, so whatever your strong blow will be given into your hand the same with even greater force. This will inevitably lead to injury. Strengthen knuckles also help push their fists. Can be as protruding knuckles on two or on all four. And so, and so it will be correct.