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How to fix a pear

It seems that a lot of fans of Mike Tyson in the world. His example inspired many people to buy a punching bag with the great dream of the title. But before you start to strike just bought and brought home sports equipment, you need to hang the pear and securely.

How to fix a pear

Instruction how to fasten a pear

Step 1:

Fitting Position. To install the pear the most convenient place is still a corner of the room. There she will not interfere, and at the same time, it will always have free access, which allows to turn on the power: to strike and left and right. And the most important thing is that this will allow the placement of pears secure it in all planes, for mounting reliability is very important, since the sports equipment will always remain under the yoke of the vibrations from your blows.

Step 2:

fixing scheme. The optimum distance from the pear is 40-50 centimeters. Fabricate bars in which a pear is attached to the walls. The easiest way to manufacture them from wood. To be safe, make long-fixing screws of 5 mm diameter. If you have wooden walls, it will simplify the work for the consolidation. If a stone house, we will have more difficult, because you need to drill holes in the walls and insert the plastic plugs.

Step 3:

To vibrations and oscillations pears after striking extinguished quickly tie to the middle of her three medium-diameter cord, the ends of which attach to the wall. This stretching of the cords will be insured for rapid damping pears and allow you to maintain good relations with its neighbors, which do not have to listen to the constant hammering.