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How to get into the school of Olympic reserve

Your child is seriously interested in sports and dreams of becoming a professional athlete? In this case, it makes sense to give it to the school of the Olympic reserve. It should be ready by the child and explain that almost all his free time will be devoted to the training that is fairly complicated. This is a great work from an early age, that does not leave room for many childhood pleasures.

How to get into the school of Olympic reserve

Instruction how to get into the school of Olympic reserve

Step 1:

In principle, the future of professional sport is not the only motive to get into the school of Olympic reserve, some only need a serious hobby in some sport. You can start with a sports school with the youngest groups. Coach, if the child will be marked with a special ability and success in the chosen sport, definitely recommend to continue their education at the school of the Olympic reserve.

Step 2:

It is necessary to soberly assess the sporting success of the child, so as not to waste time. Study in sports schools of Olympic reserve focuses more on training than on training, and if the sport would be nothing more than a serious hobby, you may want to give up the school of Olympic reserve, and send their children to a regular school sports, where training is secondary.

Step 3:

For admission to the school of Olympic reserve child needs a good physical preparation, respectively, to prepare children begin even before entering. Age of admission is strictly limited - the lower and upper thresholds are defined, enter the age beyond impossible. The dates of receipt and acceptance of documents is strictly defined by admission committees, a package of necessary documents is slightly different from the package to public schools. It is mandatory to need help on the health of the future student. We need sports uniforms for the entrance exams themselves.

Step 4:

With special attention to the need to approach the child's moral preparation. Explain to him how will be arranged his life after being admitted to the school of the Olympic reserve. Do not hide from him the fact that all his spare time he will spend on training. Let him know that you have to work a lot, but with due diligence, it will be able to succeed.

Step 5:

If the applicant agrees to a small, start preparing in advance: arrange training mode and sports nutrition. On the eve of receipt make sure that he slept well and was not worried before the entrance exams, as in a stressful situation, the body blocks the human resources. The child can just get lost and do not show even half of what is capable.