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How to get rid of the curvature of the legs

Modern medicine offers many methods to get rid of the curvature of the legs. But do not rush to surgery. It is possible that all fixable without surgical intervention.

How to get rid of the curvature of the legs

Instruction how to get rid of the curvature of the legs

Step 1:

Refer to the orthopedic clinic and find out what is causing the curvature of your legs: congenital deformity of bone or muscle failure. And in fact, in both cases, of course, can be directly prepared for surgery. However, if you still are not caused by the curvature of the toe bone deformation, it is best to enroll in a gym or yoga courses to remedy the situation.

Step 2:

Some exercises can be performed at home. To do this, you only need dumbbells (not for all exercises). Here are some of them: - starting position - sitting, legs straight, hands on the back fence. Strongly pull the toe of the right foot, then abruptly pull it toward you. Repeat the same left foot. During this exercise, the muscles of the lower leg most tense, as required. Repeat several times - starting position - standing, toes apart, dumbbells in hands. Perform at least 20 sit-ups on your toes, not letting go of the hands of dumbbells - starting position - standing support, with one hand holding on to a support, the left foot on the floor with the toe to the outside, right - is raised high above the floor. Perform 20 rises on the toe of the left foot. Then change legs and do 20 more lifts at the toe of the right foot. To exercise was more effective, grab a dumbbell in your free hand.

Step 3:

If the curvature of the legs you have false, but you do not want to spend months and years in the gym, consult a plastic surgeon. kruroplastiki method (tightening of leg muscles and joint replacement of silicone prostheses) can get rid of your flaws.

Step 4:

Get rid of the true curvature of the legs you will only experienced orthopedic surgeon. Osteotomy - a very complicated operation, during which the bone break in a specified location, and then recombine and are fixed by means of an apparatus for external ostesinteza (Ilizarov apparatus).

Step 5:

If you decide to osteotomy, we are prepared for the fact that, although the operation and is performed under general anesthesia, almost all the pain with a broken bone will return to you. From it does not get rid of with the help of the most powerful painkillers. However, after about a week the pain will stop, and you will be able to walk again. But first and only on crutches for at least six months (depending on the complexity of the fracture, which was necessary to make the surgeon). In addition, after Ilizarov apparatus on your legs for life will remain the traces of which can get rid of only by means of plastic.

Step 6:

Be confident in yourself, because in the end, the curvature of the legs - that's not the worst thing that can happen to a person. And if you genuinely smile and do not go trying to hide the lack of, and practically fly, stylish and free, then no one will notice that you (or your feet) that something is wrong.