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How to get rid of the fat folds on the stomach

Skinfold may appear on the abdomen after pregnancy and childbirth, when the abdominal muscles separate, or as a result of the excesses in eating and lack of physical activity. Get rid of the fat folds helps set of physical exercises.

How to get rid of the fat folds on the stomach

Instruction how to get rid of the fat folds on the stomach

Step 1:

Choose a cardio. Burning fat occurs at a certain rhythm and stress, which correspond to the intensive swimming lessons, water aerobics, jogging, exercise on a stationary bike, etc. To improve the effectiveness of training, it is necessary to carry out exercises with a worsening in the form of dumbbells, plastic water bottles, etc.

Step 2:

Spin the hoop. Daily 15-minute workout to help tighten the skin of the abdomen, "smash" the folds of fat, reduce fat. Choose a model with additional weighting and massage rollers - so the effectiveness of the training will be higher.

Step 3:

Include a set of exercises on twisting. This type of exercise allows you to work through the median abdominal muscles, simultaneously stimulating the oblique abdominal muscles. Take a position - lying on his back with legs bent at the knees, with hands behind their heads. Follow the lifting body, staring straight ahead. Maintain muscle tone and do not make the big break between exercises - a maximum of 20-30 seconds. Direct upgrades to change the body turns to the side. To complicate exercise can add leg lifts and locked position at the highest point.

Step 4:

Perform leg raises. Rising straight legs from a supine position, you shake the muscles of the lower press that contributes to the gradual disappearance of fat. During the exercise, it is important to follow the immobility arms and shoulders, which should be pressed to the floor. Do climbs slowly, fixing the voltage resulting from employment. Lateral exercises are on the oblique abdominal muscles - raise your right leg lying on his left side, and vice versa.

Step 5:

"Bicycle" Twist. The circular motion of the feet are working on the central part of the press. Lie on your back, lift your legs straight, lower them to an angle of 45 degrees and the "twist" imaginary pedal. This exercise should be carried out as long as you do not feel pain in the press. A variety of circular rotation is an exercise with fitball - hold the ball between your feet, lift your legs up straight and follow the circular turns down.

Step 6:

Work intensely. The abdominal muscles are difficult to correct, and in order to achieve tangible results, it is necessary to work hard - the number of repetitions for one exercise can reach 50-100 times, it is important that the last movement is performed with great effort.