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How to keep the air gun

Technology holding the air pistol is quite simple, but many young arrows she somehow neglected. We analyze the main points of the art air pistol grip.

How to keep the air gun

Instruction how to keep the air gun

Step 1:

First of all, remember the most important rule - do not press the handle with the power of the gun. The rule is very simple, but taking into account the peculiarity of psychology that the more dangerous the subject, the more you need to pay attention to it, you can continue to compress it, despite the fact that this is a major mistake. The harder you squeeze the handle of the gun, the greater the amplitude of shaking hands. Make an effort to keep the gun hand enough to not fall out of the gun when firing her.

Step 2:

Now follow the correct grip. To do this, hold the gun, basically, the middle finger and the ring and little finger a little help to him. On the other side of the handle you will rest the thumb. Pull it along the gun barrel and did not keep straight. The index finger on the trigger hold, but do not touch them handle. This will create a correct and easy grip gun.

Step 3:

Now that you have formed a grip pneumatic gun, stand in the firing position standing. This is the basic position, begin to learn to shoot it there. In order to take the correct position, turn left half-turned and put in charge of his right foot, putting it forward in the direction of the target at a distance of shoulder width (it would be more convenient), distributing the weight evenly on both feet.

Step 4:

Now, how to keep the air gun when aiming. Hold the gun in his hand in front of the right eye, the hand hold on the chin level and your left hand free to lower down the body and lay it for a spin. Put your thumb on the fuse box and push it down in order to lift a gun with a fuse (or switch off the fuse). The index finger hold so that it lightly touches the trigger.