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How to keep the bike in the winter

In winter, the bike is not in use, and where to keep it? How to store the bike so that it will not be damaged by long idle? These questions concern in the late fall of many cyclists. It happens that the bike is stored in the winter on the balcony, and in the spring the owner wonders where rust on the chain, why tires are cracked and leak air.

How to keep the bike in the winter

Instruction how to keep the bike in the winter

Step 1:

Prepare the bicycle. Wash it and dry it. Inspect if there were any failures? In winter, you will have plenty of time to slowly deal with all that, what I did not have time in the summer. Before you leave the bike in the stillness of the winter, peresmazhte chain, otherwise it can rust in the spring.

Step 2:

If you want to keep the bike in the apartment - it is possible to restrict, but if you treat it in a cool place, use a preservative lubricant for all chrome and additionally clean the mechanical parts of oil cloth, or metal elements may be subject to a bicycle corrosive effects of moisture. Remove the batteries if they are. Tires should be inside and outside grease with a little glycerin.

Step 3:

It is best to keep the bike in the winter in the apartment, but you can in the garage or in the gazebo. It is important that the humidity in the room was maintained at the same level, and was low. Organizing bicycle storage, keep in mind that the sun can destroy all rubber parts, tires, cables, and other elements of the sample.

Step 4:

If you are going for a long time to keep the bike, and the winter - it is long, it is best to hang. So the wheel will not experience long-term static load, and tire not pomnetsya. As it hang, upside or down, it does not matter. If you are disassembling the bike before storage, hang the wheels.

Step 5:

In case if you can not hang the bike, and in winter you do not understand, do not forget every month to pump the tires, the wheels retain elasticity. We can not allow the tire lowered, and the bike standing on the rim.