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How to learn to be wrung From bars

Virtually all experts agree that the push-ups and push-ups on all the boards in particular - is one of the most effective exercises that acts directly on all muscle groups of the upper body. With proper and vigorous execution of these exercises, you can achieve amazing results - pull and draw the chest muscles, trapeze, making his shoulders broad, and correct posture.

How to learn to be wrung From bars

Instruction how to learn to be wrung From bars

Step 1:

There are several types of push-ups on the bars. Firstly, you can do push-ups, putting on the boards and hands, and feet. That is, you will occupy the same starting position as in conventional push-ups, but due to the fact that you will sag lower than placed your hands and feet, muscles strain will be much greater, and exercises - effective.

Step 2:

Second, you can do push-ups on the bars, bowed legs down. At the same time, you can take the legs back and download only the chest muscles and arms and legs can be pulled perpendicular to the torso and swing also your abdominal muscles.

Step 3:

So start ups, adopting the correct starting position. Located between the beams, resting on straight arms, capturing the boards with his hands to himself.

Step 4:

Next, take a deep breath and begin to slowly descend, bending your elbows, as well as in conventional push-ups. Get down as deep as enough of your strength and endurance.

Step 5:

Then start gently and slowly climb up, straightening the arms. At the point of highest tension of muscles exhale, to help you take a starting position. Take a few repetitions, changing the technique of push-ups to pump the chest and triceps muscles at the same time. In order to concentrate most of the load on the triceps, keep your body straight, not tilted forward, and press your hands as close to the body. To greater burden was placed on the chest muscles, you need to do the opposite - dilute elbows to the side and tilt the body forward. Another way is to pump up the pectoral muscles - exercises to engage widely spaced bars. However, implementation of such exercises in bodily injury shoulder - you can stretch your muscles or even dislocate the shoulder joint.

Step 6:

If you feel that your muscles are already quite different, you can perform exercises with weighting. To do this in the gym has a special belt with a carabiner, which you can hang the additional load, such as a pancake from a bar. Performing exercises with weighting much more effective than simple push-ups, but on the other hand, can lead to injury, so perform them very carefully.