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How to learn to beat the rise

How to learn to beat the rise.

How to learn to beat the rise

Instruction how to learn to beat the rise

Step 1:

Put the ball in front of goal. 11 meters is enough. The ball is desirable to put the nipple to her just below the middle of the ball.

Step 2:

Move away from the ball, how many steps you are comfortable. I am going away to the side after 8 8. Steps advise you to depart on a 1-2 pitch, it is not necessary anymore.

Step 3:

Make the run, the supporting leg slightly bend at the knee and move her all his weight. The beat should be a place just below the laces. Beating your foot flexed should resemble the letter V.

Step 4:

Very straighten the leg and beating hit. Your kick should be similar to a whip.

Step 5:

After impact, continue along, imagine what kind of obstacle, for example, glass, and after the impact you need to break it to you. You should land on beating leg.

Step 6:

If you first get a mild shock, which is not difficult to catch the goalkeeper, just exercise more. Every day at least 10 minutes a day, and soon you will have such an impact, which the goalkeeper did not catch!