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How to learn to do push-ups without legs

Push ups "without legs" It presupposes, first of all, a good physical preparation. That is, for a start you need to have a strong load is at hand, as they are at push-ups "without legs" It has total body weight. First of all, try to start doing thrust load on the arm strength.

How to learn to do push-ups without legs

Instruction how to learn to do push-ups without legs

Step 1:

Conduct training must be integrated (as in loads need not only arms, but also the region of the shoulders, torso, the entire body). To make your hands stronger and pumped up, you need to perform special exercises. Here are some of them: 1) take the expander and stretch your arms forward; then, without bending at the elbows, try as much as possible to stretch the expander; 2) one handle expander take in hand, and the other comes, then rest against the elbow in the hip and bend the arm at the elbow. Do these exercises as often as you can, rest a little and spend two more approach. Note that the load is increased gradually, otherwise you can only hurt yourself.

Step 2:

Do not forget to about muscle building and press. You must lie on your back, hands folded behind his head and take your feet off the floor first and then the upper part of the body. You can also draw your knees to your chest, trying each time to touch the left elbow right knee (or vice versa). Here's another exercise: you have to lie on your stomach, stretch your arms forward, bend "boat" and swing. All exercises are performed at a fast pace for three sets each (at five-minute intervals). The number of times in any of these exercises are regulated in accordance with their abilities (do not overdo it, otherwise you can "wreck" muscle or pull them).

Step 3:

Push-ups will also help make the muscles stronger hand. Spend them at a fast pace, keep your hands slightly wider than shoulder width (so you make "work" desired muscle). If you place your hands too wide, the load will fall on the shoulder muscles. For a start will be enough of 20-30 push-ups, gradually increase the number to 50, and then up to 100 per day.

Step 4:

To achieve the desired physical shape will help you pull. Exercises should be performed on a pull-up, hands shoulder-width apart, and at the same time touching the crossbar chin. There is another option: your arms as wide as you can, and then be pulled, trying to touch the crossbar is not the chin and neck. Every time spend two to three sets after each make a ten-minute break.