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How to learn to jump in volleyball

High jump in volleyball - one of the most spectacular and effective elements of the game. Fortunately, there is a special volleyball jump. jump technique with the same stroke and for volleyball and basketball, and parkour, and even gymnastics. In short, for any sport where you need strong legs and skill at the right time sharply and strongly push and fly as high as possible, gently helping himself with his hands. The program of exercises for the development of jumping use the same.

How to learn to jump in volleyball

You will need:

- barbell; - Platform height of 55-60 cm; - Platform height of 15-20 cm; - Dumbbell weight 1,5 kg.

Instruction how to learn to jump in volleyball

Step 1:

It is important to work jump technique up with the locking step. Otherwise, the kinetic energy continues to make the body forward and the jump up is not high enough.

Step 2:

Take a step forward jog leg at statement knee legs slightly bent, body slightly forward. After this short step centrifugal foot, the foot turns slightly inward, and the whole body is slightly rotated in the direction of shaking leg. At the same time both hands simultaneously discharged maximize ago. Then jog leg make addl step-up push from jumping out. At this moment arms too sharply go up and help to push the body. Having mastered the steps, follow the jump course, trying to touch the landmark arms: the grid, a basketball hoop, a mark on a vertical wall. Perform touch turn right hand and the left with both hands simultaneously.

Step 3:

Bend your knees and grasp the grip bar on top. Hands placed on the bar slightly wider than shoulders. Keep your back straight. Just pinch the blade and arch your lower back. Straighten your legs and stand. Repeat 6-8 times. Rest 30 seconds and go to the second exercise.

Step 4:

Stand up straight. Hands are freely lowered along a body. In each hand dumbbell. Sit down on his haunches. Do not round your back, look straight ahead. From a deep squat position jump out as high as possible. Landed softly on bent legs. Hitting again descend into a low squat and repeat. Make 8 jumps. Rest 3 minutes and repeat the set of two exercises again.

Step 5:

Stand with your face to a stable bench or a high platform. Hands lift up, then take them back, as if to swing, bend at the same time in the body, and sit down. Throwing the hands forward, jump on a bench. Go down. Perform 6-8 jumps. Rest 30 seconds and move on to the next exercise.

Step 6:

Stand up straight. It is convenient to put the barbell on the shoulders. Grasp the neck grip on top. Slightly bend your knees and slightly arch your back at the waist. Slowly lean forward, so that the body has become parallel to the floor. Flatten. Perform 8 repetitions. Rest for three minutes and repeat the set of the third and fourth exercises again.

Step 7:

Stand with right side to the low platform. To the right of the platform at a distance of 60-70 cm place not heavy dumbbell. Pushing both feet, jump sideways across the platform. Landing between the platform and a dumbbell, quickly sit down and pick up a dumbbell. Now jump back with a dumbbell. Put a dumbbell in the other hand and lower it to the floor on his left. Jump over the platform. Go back, sit down quickly and raise the dumbbell. Repeat jumps and climbs at a rapid pace for 30 seconds. Squats should be deep and abrupt jumps. Only works the legs, Do not round your back and looks down. Rest 30 seconds and go to jump from a high platform.

Step 8:

Stand on a high platform. Make a strong swing arms and jump down. Do not delay, push off with both feet and jump out as high as possible, pulling his knees to his chest. Go back to the platform. Perform 10-12 jumps. Rest for three minutes and repeat the set of the fifth and sixth exercises.