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How to learn to move beautifully

Under the ability to move gracefully should understand exactly gait. You've probably noticed that it is all different. To learn how to walk gracefully, you need to follow some guidelines setting gait and perform special exercises.

How to learn to move beautifully

You will need:

- Comfortable shoes; - Handkerchief / cloth; - Book; - Stand.

Instruction how to learn to move beautifully

Step 1:

Place the right foot, taking care not to twist the fingers outward. It is necessary for the formation of a beautiful and proper gait. Please touch the ground heel and lift slightly with toes. Go middle step, is not quick and not gulliverskim, and one that allows you to make your growth. All load displacement take the hips, which provide the immobility and ease shin. During the walk they move up and down slightly. Raise the thigh at a time when pass the pivot foot and the heel touches the ground.

Step 2:

Sveste free hands when walking, but not vtorte his step, otherwise it will be something like a soldier steps on the parade ground in the Victory Day. Also, do not wave your hands well as from the outside it looks pretty ugly.

Step 3:

Perform a series of exercises. The first is as follows. Take a chair and stand up straight. Point the toes forward, holding his chair. Slowly go up on your toes and Freeze for 1-2 minutes. After transfer the entire body weight on the outside of the leg. Drop down and repeat this movement several times.

Step 4:

Take a handkerchief or any other piece of material. Sit on the floor and lean legs. Try to grab your toes handkerchief or other cloth. Pass it, trying not to tear the heel off the floor, as long as the fingers do not touch each other. Perform this exercise 6 times.

Step 5:

Take a thick book and put it on the floor. Put your feet so that the inside of the foot rested on the book, and remained on the floor outside. Slowly raise and lower the same way. Do the 6 repetitions.

Step 6:

Try to do your easy gait. It has a very important moment, when the body floating in the air as if a couple of seconds, and then your feet are landing smoothly. Make sure that in your case it was the same. And remember that in the heavy gait only one foot off the ground, and the second is to stay up on it.