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How to learn to run fast

Running fast can significantly increase the amount of calories expended. With the increase in speed of just over one kilometer per hour, energy consumption increases by about 40 calories per half hour. In addition, it is a quick run gives an unforgettable feeling even this flight flight above the ground, lasts only a moment, from one step to another.

How to learn to run fast

You will need:

- running shoes; - Mirror; - Bench; - Light dumbbell or barbell.

Instruction how to learn to run fast

Step 1:

If you decide to learn how to run fast, you need to conduct an audit of their running shoes. The faster run, the greater the impact load test your joints. Now you should only use special running shoes with good arch support and airbags under the heel and toe. Besides running shoes have a special protection for the nose, which is very important at a motocross race.

Step 2:

Do not attempt to increase your speed, extending step. This will lead to the fact that you will move jumping. This increases the consumption of calories, but it is not conducive to fast running.

Step 3:

To run fast, you need to increase the thrust force. To do this, perform jumping exercises, such as jumping onto the bench with both feet at the same time, or jumping onto the bench with leg change. The main requirement - exercise should be carried out at a rapid pace, without delay, on the bench or on the ground.

Step 4:

Jumping with weights and jogging help to increase leg strength. Take a light dumbbell or barbell. Stange put back in the area of ​​the seventh cervical vertebra, dumbbell press the shoulders. Slowly squat to a full squat. Then abruptly jump out as high as possible. Try to keep your feet off the ground necessarily simultaneously. Along with the jump, you can throw the dumbbell up on straightened arms. Stange, do not lift up.

Step 5:

Very important is the correct running technique. To do this, perform exercises such as running with high lifting hips and run with tie-shin. Both exercises are performed at high speed and with the maximum amplitude. Try to almost reach the knees to the chest, and the heel to the buttocks. Runs at least 60 meters, completing the two exercises, and alternate them to run in a calm pace.

Step 6:

Fast running is not possible without a good working hands. If you work with your hands properly, the body during the run will be shaken by limiting the total forward movement.

Step 7:

Stand in front of a mirror. Relax your shoulders. Bend your elbows at a right angle. Actively work with your hands, mimicking their movements while running. Monitor to shoulder line remained motionless. The angle of the bend at the elbows should not be changed. To ensure that during the active work hand body does not turn around after the hand. Work should only shoulder joints.