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How to learn to ski run

Walking and cross-country skiing is one of the most popular and accessible sports in the Nordic countries. Learning to ski run may each, independently of age. To master the most common means of transportation you need skis, ski poles and a portion of a flat, pre-prepared trails.

How to learn to ski run

You will need:

Skis, ski poles, ski runs flat area

Instruction how to learn to ski run

Step 1:

Elementary skills of walking and cross-country skiing you can get without the help of a qualified coach. For starters trained to alternate dvuhshazhnogo stroke. Choose a flat area of ​​20-50 meters in length ski runs Ski poles until leave aside -. You have to practice gliding alternately on one and then on the other foot, without hand support.

Step 2:

Take the right ski rack. The body slightly tilted forward, legs slightly bend at the knees.

Step 3:

Push off one leg and immediately transfer the body weight to the other leg. Leg, doing push, straighten the knee, and then relax. Pull back straightened leg and move your body weight on it while pushing leg on which to perform this slide. Try to keep the balance, balancing arms.

Step 4:

Once you have mastered the skill of the variable slip, grab a stick. Loop ski pole pull on the hand, so that it holds and does not take off at a push. At the push of a foot of the same name with a stick hand brought forward and put on a little further snow boot sock. The moment when the foot goes forward, the hand presses on a stick and makes push back until it stops. Thus, when dvuhshazhnom during each rolling step there is one push stick.

Step 5:

First, follow all the movements in slow motion, trying to achieve complete harmonization of elements of running and synchronous operation of the hands and feet. With the skill of mastering the course, gradually increase the pace of movement and range of motion.

Step 6:

The duration of the first session should not exceed 40 minutes. To master a confident technique of movement you need several sessions. Over time, you will notice that they have become more confident to keep on skiing, your actions become automatic and does not require constant monitoring over the implementation of the individual movements.