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How to learn to stand on his hands

The ability to get up in the hands depends on several factors. The main of them - the power of arms, back muscles, abdominal muscles and sense of balance. Pay attention to the development of the necessary qualities, and you can not just wake up in the hands, but also to go to them.

How to learn to stand on his hands

Instruction how to learn to stand on his hands

Step 1:

Increase the power of hands to help push-ups, lying down, push-ups on the parallel bars, pull-ups and exercises with dumbbells. In order to strengthen the back muscles perform the simultaneous lifting of the arms and legs up in the prone position. Hands with extended forward, toes pointed. Is lowered into the starting position should be gradually, slowly. Bleed the press is possible by means of the body rises from a prone position on his back, hands behind his head. The second exercise - simultaneous or alternating leg lifts up to a right angle and a smooth descent down, arms at your sides. Keeping the body in the emphasis lying develop static strength of the back and abdominal muscles and at the same time strengthen the arm muscles. Take the emphasis lying, retract the stomach, straighten your back, look straight ahead. Keep the focus lying between 30 seconds and above. Perform three sets per exercise.

Step 2:

Develop a sense of balance and prepare yourself for getting up in the hands of help similar in structure to the exercise: stand on the blades, headstand. Stand on the blades is carried out without the support trunk arms: lie on your back, arms at your sides, palms down. Lift the legs and torso perpendicular to the floor up. Drag toes to the ceiling. Headstand is performed with an emphasis hands on the floor. Under the head is better to put a small pillow or run counter to the gymnastics mat. To catch his balance, do stand first with legs bent and slowly straighten them.

Step 3:

Learn to stand confidently on your hands against the wall, and then go to a free getting up in his arms. Out Rack perform with maha: stretch your arms up, step forward with one foot, bend at the waist and place your hands on the floor while performing swing up behind standing leg. Lean against the wall feet, elbows bend. Handstand without support perform first on gymnastic mats in the spacious room. Try to do the exercise with the insurance of an experienced instructor or partner. Insurance is carried out from the side. After sufficient muscle strengthening and development of a sense of balance, you will be able to stand on his hands without insurance.