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How to learn to tumble

Skill skillfully tumble definitely come in handy in life. In the fall the right help somersault to land without injury, and in the process of training - to develop dexterity and flexibility. However, under any circumstances have to tumble skillfully and correctly.

How to learn to tumble

You will need:

mate, a man for insurance

Instruction how to learn to tumble

Step 1:

First, learn to tumble forward. To do this, take a comfortable mat and take a starting position. Sit on his heels, his face turned to the mat. Next, stretch your arms forward, palms open uprites well into the mat.

Step 2:

Slowly straighten the legs, and the arms parallel to the bend. Between hands swipe his head so that his head touched the surface of the mat.

Step 3:

Sharply push off your feet off the floor, and the back of the head with a rolling stone gently on the shoulder. Further, in the flip-flop push knees to her chest, clasp their hands. When the coccyx touches the mat, sharply pull forward and place your hands on the floor the soles of the feet. Teach that the flip-flop will be faster and more impetuous, more if you alienate your feet off the floor.

Step 4:

Now learn to tumble back. This flip-flop is more difficult. The starting position for this exercise - sitting on his haunches, with his back to the mat, hands on the floor in front of him. It is advisable to learn to perform a somersault on a comfortable and fairly soft mat to avoid damage. Sharply push down on the floor with his hands and slowly pumped back.

Step 5:

The first part of a roll similar to the implementation of stands "birch". At that time, when you find yourself on the blades, pull the hand behind his head, and put them in the process of moving back stick one's head, lifting the body with the help of hands. The head at the same time push the knees. Please note that in any case can not be twisted through the neck - there is a risk of serious damage. Therefore, in the process of performing a roll back important time to raise himself with his hands. Finish somersault, landing on both feet. Tumble ago executed.

Step 6:

If a roll back is impossible to carry out immediately, call for help one who helps insure. Perform a somersault, and help in the process of start up will help you regroup.