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How to make a baseball bat

Baseball - a traditional American sport. He is no less popular overseas than hockey and American football. The main subject is baseball gear Each bit. She and the players hit the ball. Typically, the bits are made of metal and / or wood. You can make a bit of yourself as shoplifting baseball bats are usually quite expensive.

How to make a baseball bat

Instruction how to make a baseball bat

Step 1:

So, first of all please be with all the necessary bits for making materials and tools. You will need a piece of wood. Better to choose the bars of maple, white ash, hickory, and bamboo. Also Obtain the most ordinary wood saw, circular saw, lathe, an emery paper, ruler and set of tools for working with wood.

Step 2:

Now determine the size of your bat. To fit the bar under the desired dimensions you need circular saw. The next operation is giving the bar a baseball bat shape using a lathe. If the skills of work on the lathe you do not, it will be better to turn to professionals - they will save you a lot of time and effort. If you work with the machine itself, we strongly recommend not to forget about personal protective equipment - protective gloves and glasses.

Step 3:

As soon as you will add a bar more or less the desired shape, take a chisel and start working it. So you can control the amount of wood you shoot.

Step 4:

Now it's time to form a handle. Measure using a tape measure from the narrow end of the workpiece 4 cm - is and will be the length of the handle. Next, start to clean off the tree in a circular motion - so you will be more convenient for themselves.

Step 5:

Once you build up the handle bits can assume that work almost came to an end. It remains only a baseball bat handle fine sandpaper to give it a perfect smoothness and varnished to give a bit of shine. You can paint it first, and only then apply the varnish.