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How to make a thin waist with exercise

Fine wasp waist - a symbol of femininity and beauty at all times. But to make a thin waist diet alone is not enough. It is necessary to regularly perform a special set of exercises to burn fat in the abdominal area and strengthen the muscles.

How to make a thin waist with exercise

Instruction how to make a thin waist with exercise

Step 1:

Stand up straight, hands lower, put his feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your hands up, at the same time rotate your trunk in first in one direction and then the other, back and forth. Movements are performed smoothly and slowly.

Step 2:

Lean, without bending his legs. Touch right toe and left foot alternately.

Step 3:

We perform a circular motion the body first clockwise, then counterclockwise. Hands at the same time keep the belt.

Step 4:

Lie on your back, put his hands behind his head, legs keep together. Bent knees to his stomach tighten. The knees unbend, keep feet vertically, and then lower. Do this exercise slowly as possible.

Step 5:

Lie on your back and lean on your elbows. Alternately, lift the straight leg. Then, make a circular motion feet. Lift your legs perpendicular to the floor. Dip your hands at your sides. Slowly dilute straight legs to the side.

Step 6:

Lying on the floor, bend your knees and place the feet on the floor. Tilt the knees in one direction and then in another so that they touch the floor. The back should lay motionless on the floor.

Step 7:

Roll over on your stomach. Follow rolls back and forth. Then pull your hands along the body. Based on hands and toes, lift the torso. Then lift your head and legs at the same time. Rotted and your arms to the sides. Hold in this position a few seconds.

Step 8:

Lie on your side. Uprites on the floor hip and forearm. Lift torso off the floor as high as possible. Do 10 lifts in the 3 - 4 sets. Repeat on the other side.

Step 9:

Sit on the edge of a chair. Hands hold the seat, keep your back straight, feet pull. Bend your knees and tighten them to the chest. Then, straighten your knees and keep your feet on weight. Return to starting position.

Step 10:

Perform a set of exercises for half an hour before eating or 2 hours later. Each exercise is repeated at 8 - 12 times, the entire complex was repeated at least three times a week.