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How to meditate

Meditation - an ancient practice of altered consciousness, which came to us from yoga and Buddhism. Meditation has a beneficial effect on the human body: eliminating the fear, aggression, depression, improves emotional state, opens up creativity and promotes relaxation. However, not so easy to plunge into a real meditation. Stock up on patience and perseverance, and very soon you will feel the miraculous effect of meditation on personal experience.

How to meditate

You will need:

- light and comfortable clothing; - A blanket or shawl for the preservation of the body warmth; - An alarm clock or a timer; - Bell or tingshas.

Instruction how to meditate

Step 1:

For meditation, choose a quiet cozy place where you will not be disturbed. The ideal time for meditation - early morning, when the mind has not yet uploaded everyday concerns. It is also engaged in this spiritual practice is best on an empty stomach. To achieve emotional balance sufficiently meditating only once a day, at the same time.

Step 2:

Take a comfortable position to head, neck and torso in a straight line. Body position is adjusted individually, as any discomfort may prevent sinking into a meditative state. The most popular option - or half lotus posture. For beginners, recommended a simple posture: sitting in a chair with a straight back, lying on the mat, sitting on his heels with a note of his knees, sitting on the floor with legs crossed.

Step 3:

Get an alarm clock or timer at the end of the meditation. To create the right mood and light output of the meditation, use a bell or thin cymbals (tingshas). Begin and end each session of meditation bell or blow cymbals.

Step 4:

Close your eyes and try to relax as much as possible. The easiest way to dive into meditation - concentration on the breath. Breathe naturally, mentally say the word "one" with each breath and the word "two" with each exhalation. Do not try to control the rhythm of your breath.

Step 5:

Widespread meditation on various topics - love, wealth, health. So, imagine that you are in some picturesque place: on a flower meadow, by the sea. Inhale the aromas of flowers, feel the breeze on your skin. And in that moment, when you feel the happiness and serenity, draw in your mind so desired. This could be the man of your dreams, a beautiful home, luxury and wealth, the ideal figure to which you are so eager. Enjoy your invented world and its benefits. And in the work to achieve their goals more often remember those great feelings, they will give you strength.

Step 6:

When the bell alarm clock, open your eyes slowly. Take a few deep breaths. Stand up and stretch properly. Just do not get up too quickly, otherwise you dizzy. It slows down the heartbeat and reduces blood pressure in the process of meditation. Do not forget to ring the bell. If you can understand the art of meditation, it will reward you spiritual harmony and cheerfulness for the whole day.