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How to pass on the yellow belt

For the beginner karate yellow belt is the last. Get it goes to the gym on a high level. It is a recognition that the student can have control over their lives. For yellow belt karateka must possess certain physical and mental skills, and then pass an exam.

How to pass on the yellow belt

Instruction on how to pass the yellow belt

Step 1:

Train your will power and ability to focus on the hara, which is a repository of mental and physical balance. Here comes an energy that gives strength to beat. This is the beginning of preparation for the exam.

Step 2:

Learn to understand that the body has a mind, and the main task of karate - training of the mind through the body. Practiced precision movement, gradually increase the speed of their implementation. Most participate in sparring, which provide an opportunity to assess its achievements and identify shortcomings.

Step 3:

Conduct regular training of karate at least three months after receiving the blue belt. It is this period is considered to be the minimum in order to prepare themselves well to the production of a new belt.

Step 4:

Prepare to surrender Kihon basic techniques to learn how this perfectly execute tsuki: Hajto Teach, Teach Koken, morote Tsuki. And Uke: Hajto uke, Koken Uke, Uke Judy. Develop the ability to clearly and correctly perform Ido - basic technique in motion (Kaiten Ido, Ido Dako). As well as formal exercises: Kata (Pinan Sono San, Pinan Sono Yon Tsuki no kata, Yantsu.

Step 5:

Perform the required tasks on the physical condition. To do this, you need to show flexibility in their position saddle: legs apart, head and shoulders touch the floor. Also, you have to do the following: wrung fist 50 times, jump from the "stress sitting down" 50 times, stand on their hands 50 seconds, 10 times to catch up on the bar, hit the foot jump shot at goal, which is above your height by 20 centimeters.

Step 6:

Pass the exam on the fights. These are: yakusoku Kumite (all combinations), Uke Kayoshi (with blocks and counterattacks) and free fighting Jiu Kumite (5-6 rounds of 1 minute).

Step 7:

Write a writing assignment.

Step 8:

Get the latest number of times to beginners (yellow in the case other than the exam) and start training for the conquest of the green belt.