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How to put a quick checkmate in chess

Chess game - one of the most prestigious intellectual games, invented by mankind. Options moves in countless chess, and with each turn they become more and more. Winning the chess is a confirmation of the mental capacity of the player. In the meantime, to learn how to win at beginners and everyone can, it's pretty simple.

How to put a quick checkmate in chess

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Instruction how to put a quick checkmate in chess

Step 1:

To win a game of chess in two ways. First - this is to force the opponent to surrender himself, to prove to him his superiority in the shape or position. If the opponent does not know all the intricacies of the game, or just does not want to give myself have put his mat. Mat - it's such a check, from which there is no defense, the king can not move or hide behind a different figure.

Step 2:

"baby" mat - a kind of mat, in which victory is achieved in the very beginning of the game. Quick Math in this case, put the queen and bishop. Use quick mat is possible only against the Cubs, as he quick mat is contrary to the principles of this strategy of chess as the gradual development of the figures and the establishment of a pawn center. However, you need to master this technique any novice chess player to understand that winning can be achieved without the advantage of a few figures - it suffices to find the enemy's weak fields and establish control over them.

Step 3:

To put children mat white (black, he put the same way), you need to take advantage of the weakness of the black pawns on the field f7. As can be seen from the figure, the black pawn is weak, as is protected by a black king. The first move is to make way for white royal elephant (in the field f1) and queen. This move pawn e2 to e4 field. Then you need to put the bishop on c4 field and queen to h5 field. After that, if the pawn f7 is still not protected, you can put the kids mat. There is a variant of child mat when the defending side is attacking the queen pawn g (g6). Not scary! In this case, you just need to translate the queen on the field f3. And the next move to put a quick mate.

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