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How to put on a snowboard attachment

First we need to find out which desk is convenient for you. And they have two, "Goofy" and "regular". This will determine which foot forward you will ride. The easiest way to find your rack - it's run and ride on the ice or slippery floor. That leg, which would come to be front and snowboarding. The second way: ask someone to suddenly push you in the back and observe what kind of foot you set forth to delay the fall, if left - you are a "regular", right - "Goofy". Well, if you are "lucky" to fall, and not putting any of the legs, then you belong to a small percentage of people who do not care what the front foot.

How to put on a snowboard attachment

Instruction how to put on a snowboard attachment

Step 1:

So, to determine the distance between the bindings, note: the higher the speed and the harder your board, so close to each other should be fixing. The bigger the tricks and jumps, you usually perform, the more should be securing to each other. There are several types of bindings for different riding styles: freestyle mounts are widely Freeride - a little longer, for carving - the most narrow. Depending on the style of riding and snow conditions, mounting position relative to the center can be changed.

Step 2:

Remember that the harder the board, the greater the angle of attachment. These values ​​are directly proportional to each other. Front and rear mounting, set at different angles - front installation angle should be about 15 degrees more. Rotation angles are not constant and may vary for your convenience. This is regulated quickly and simply - using a special screwdriver, which is supplied every snowboarder.

Step 3:

If you are just learning to ride, it is best to set the fixing angles 20 (front) and 5 (rear) degrees. Distance between centers of fasteners according to the standard should be equal to the distance from the floor to the center of your knee. In addition, be sure the board with respect to the center of fixing installed symmetrically. It is desirable that the heel and the nose the shoe were on the edge of the board equally. That's all. Ride on your health!