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How to quickly build muscle on the bar

Quickly build muscle at the bar is quite possible. For this purpose there is a special set of exercises. By performing them, you will reach this goal in the short term. The main load - lifting its own weight.

How to quickly build muscle on the bar

Instruction how to build muscle fast on the bar

Step 1:

When classes on the bar you train the muscles of the chest, neck, arms, back, triceps and biceps. Stock up on patience and endurance.

Step 2:

Depending on the type of capture and the distance between the hands, you'll get a variety of exercises that can perform.

Step 3:

To pump up the pectoral muscles on the bar, take a starting position. Stand up straight. Keep your back straight. Grasp the horizontal bar with his hands, placing them over. Hands leave at shoulder width. Exercise perform smoothly, without jerks. Follow the same speed when lowering and raising the body. Perform 10-12 pull-ups. Watch for breathing: exhale when lowering, breath while lifting. Pull-ups are carried out with the minimum speed. Gradually increase the number of approaches, carrying 10-12 pull-ups 3-4 times.

Step 4:

The following exercise will allow you to pump up the shoulders on the bar. Grasp the horizontal bar close grip. This way you maximize zadeystvuete lats and serratus muscle. Hang on a horizontal bar, hugging bar above. In the hands of a minimum distance. Firming, having caved in back. Try to touch the bottom of the breast shell. Perform 10-15 pull-ups.

Step 5:

For pumping biceps on the bar clasp shell reverse grip. If possible, try to connect the edges of the palms together. Flex the back and hang on straight arms. By focusing on the reduction of the blades and shoulder abduction, begin to catch up. Try to touch the bottom of the pectoral muscles crossbar. Perform 10-12 pull-ups in 3-4 sets.

Step 6:

Exercise on the pump follow back, gripping the crossbar average grip. So you further zadeystvuete biceps and forearm flexors. Hang on the bar, his legs crossed and his back prognuv. Try to touch the top of the crossbar chest, bringing the shoulder blades together. At the lowest point of fully straighten your arms. Perform 10-12 pull-ups.