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How to quickly catch up

Pulling up on the bar - one of the best exercises for those who want to constantly keep their muscles toned. Pull-ups at a fast pace will improve overall endurance and good load the heart muscle. Working with free weights allows maximum use of the entire body. In this pull-up to perform no need for complex or other equipment simulators. Horizontal bar can be installed in any convenient location.

How to quickly catch up

You will need:

- perkladina; - A simulator for the top link.

Instruction how to quickly catch up

Step 1:

First, determine your level of preparedness. To do this, you need to work on the simulator block from the top rod. Biomechanics of the upper link is similar to the biomechanics of pull-ups on the bar.

Step 2:

Install the simulator weight equal to the weight of your body and try to perform multiple repetitions. You feel yourself ready to work there on the bar. If your strength is not enough, work on the simulator, gradually increasing the operating weight.

Step 3:

When you realize that quite willing to work with the desired weight, there comes a time mastering the art of pull-ups. Grasp the bar at shoulder width. Tighten your abs and lightly pinch the blade. Tightens at a slow pace, trying to touch the chin bar. Legs may be slightly bent at the knees and cross your ankles in.

Step 4:

The wider you put your hands on the bar, the greater the burden placed on the back muscles and the slower the pace of the exercise.

Step 5:

To make it easier to catch up, grasp the bar with his hands to himself. This is called a reverse grip. Thus you turn more intensely to work the biceps, and the exercise will be much easier.

Step 6:

Gradually add the pull direct grip of hands on the bar. Each time it exercises start with them. Straight grip makes it easier to control the movement at a rapid pace.

Step 7:

Another secret. To make it easier to catch up, try not to pull your chin up. It is much easier to work, pulling your elbows close to your sides. Such a movement is more consistent with biomechanics.

Step 8:

Be sure to Practise this time lowering the body down. Most athletes, chin touching the bar, just throw the body down. The result is the average head injury triceps. To avoid this, follow the negative pull.

Step 9:

Set next to the elevation of the projectile, standing on that, you are free to touch your chin or breast crossbar. Firmly grasp hold of the bar and lock the housing in the upper position. Slowly lower the body. Your task - to learn how to fully control the movement of the body at the moment of shutter release.

Step 10:

Pull-ups at a rapid pace mean DC voltage of hands and body. To catch up quickly, you should eliminate the time relax the muscles at the bottom. Additionally perform exercises designed to develop the triceps, as they are responsible for the work of the hands during the descent.