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How to quickly pump up the press at home

To have a beautiful news, we must try to reduce body fat in the abdominal region, and at the same time strengthen the abdominal muscles with the help of special exercises. The best exercises for the abs are the ones that will make the whole body tense, keeping his back.

How to quickly pump up the press at home

Instruction how to quickly pump up the press at home

Step 1:

Make flexion, for that lie on the floor (on the mat or rug) and stretch your arms in front of chest. Lift your knees up as far as possible. Do not get your hands behind your head, as this can create tension for the lower muscles, which is not required, but you can cross your hands in front of chest or raise hands to your ears (not holding the head and neck).

Step 2:

Slowly lift your upper torso, pulling her to her knees, straining abdominal muscles only. Be careful when doing this exercise: in any case, do not lift your back completely - it will lead to tension in the back.

Step 3:

Once the shoulders start to rise from the floor, exhale through the mouth. Once the shoulders off the floor, hold your breath a little. Once they reach the highest level, exhale the rest of the air out of the lungs using the diaphragm.

Step 4:

Get down slowly with the help of the lower back muscles, breathe out through the nose. The exhalation should be done slowly and continue as long as the shoulders will not fall on the floor. Then slowly lower your head.

Step 5:

Follow ups of the body in a sitting position. Lie on the floor, lift your knees (your feet at the same time are on the floor), cross your arms in front of chest or raise them to the level of the ears.

Step 6:

Try to sit down, keeping your back straight. Drop down to the floor. If this exercise is easy, using an inclined bench to practice, or do it with a gymnastic ball. In the future, you can do the body rises in a sitting position, using the extra weight - it should be kept on the breast during exercise.

Step 7:

Make exercise a "bicycle". From a prone position lift feet and circled in the air as if riding a bicycle. Feet do movements like twist imaginary pedal. Complicate exercise - put your hands behind your head and pull your left knee to right elbow and then his right knee to the left elbow.