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How to reduce breasts in men

Questions about breast reduction in men, along with questions about breast enlargement in women, in recent years increasingly are taking place in society. Consider the most obvious answers to the first of them.

How to reduce breasts in men

Instruction how to reduce breast in men

Step 1:

The main reason for breast enlargement in men is the high content of the female hormone estrogen. Its excess can be caused by a number faktorov.Kak can eat fewer foods that contain the female hormone estrogen. Such foods in nature are not very many. These include Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, wheat bran, all legumes (especially soybeans), banana, grapefruit, celery, black chocolate and beer, which is the most beloved man in this list. A particularly rich in estrogen fruits such as apples, pears, figs, grapes and some nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds).

Step 2:

Carefully review the medicines you are taking or have taken for a long time - they can also contain estrogen. Such formulations typically include steroid drugs and antidepressants. If possible, give up on them. If you can not give them, then consult your doctor what you can replace your medication. Many men are taking these medicines with the aim to make the figure more manly, but it is actually quite the opposite exits.

Step 3:

There is a special plastic surgery to reduce the breast. It is known as reduction mammoplasty (from the Latin reductio -. Recovery, return, retraction). Its essence lies in the fact that plastic surgeons remove the breast tissue, and its contour a man recovers and becomes the male species. If the problem has become quite acute, consider the possibility of a reduction mammoplasty. If the doctor will advise you to do such an operation, it is likely to have gynecomastia hypertrophy of adipose tissue and glands.