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How to reduce tummy

Flat tummy and thin waist always look attractive and beautiful, but not everyone has the shape you'd like. But to achieve the desired result and to reduce stomach may need only a little effort.

How to reduce tummy

Instruction how to reduce belly

Step 1:

No exercise will not help if you do not adhere to proper nutrition. Optionally, go on a diet, just to balance your diet enough. For breakfast cook soft-boiled egg, if used to eat with bread, then replace it with diet bread. At lunch you can eat fish or chicken, pre-separating it from the skin. At lunch polakomtes salads made from fresh vegetables and fruits, in the first instance to filling, use olive oil, and the second low-fat yogurt. Dinner should be light, but it is nutritious, so the best option for him - baked beans or cabbage. If you really want sweet, do not deny yourself this, the main thing is not to overdo it with a portion.

Step 2:

Decide for yourself useful products. For people with first blood group is useful meat, except pork, pineapple, buckwheat and seafood. If you have a second group of blood, then eat bell peppers, wheat products, peanut and corn oil. In the third group of blood add to your diet dairy products, eggs and fish. Eat bean curd (tofu), cod liver, rabbit meat, nuts and low-fat cheeses, if you have a fourth group of blood.

Step 3:

Do not do without exercise. The best exercise for strengthening the abdominal muscles is rocking the press. This exercise can be diluted and twisting the torso leaning forward and backward, left and right. For greater efficiency perform exercises in the morning on an empty stomach or 2-3 hours after eating. For a start, repeat the exercise 20 times, and every week, increase the load and the number of approaches.

Step 4:

In addition to maintaining the abdominal muscles in shape, you also need to burn excess fat. Optional for this cycling or aerobics, quite a few times a day to twist the hoop. Start your favorite TV series? Stand in front of the TV, turn the hoop and enjoy the show.

Step 5:

Take a contrast shower - it not only helps burn fat, but also removes from the body toxins. After water procedures apply massage movements on the abdomen cellulite cream, and lost weight just do not come back to you.