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How to remove a distended abdomen

Stretched abdominal muscles and loose skin deliver a lot of grief parous women. Many of them spend a huge amount of effort to exercise, but the stomach to the prenatal state and will not be returned. There are many reasons, and not all of them are associated with weak muscles.

How to remove a distended abdomen

You will need:

- crossbeam; - Hard massage brush; - Cream, tightens skin and improves its elasticity; - Gymnastic mat; - Consultation of the cosmetician.

Instruction how to remove distended abdomen

Step 1:

Do not start to train your abdominal muscles immediately after birth. This can lead to the fact that direct abdominal muscles go out, and you will earn a quality diastasis or muscle hernia. Get rid of it in the future it will be possible only by surgery. As long as the muscles do not get stronger as it should, make quite a gentle massage and more moving. This is enough to cause the muscles in tone.

Step 2:

Perform leg pull in the vise on the crossbar. Persuaded her husband to do the horizontal bar in any doorway. Tighten at a slow pace bent knees. Try to lift them as high as possible. Gradually you will be able to pull his legs to his chest. You can then complicate the exercise, straighten legs raised. The best effect is achieved by lifting straight legs, but by that time you will be able to perform this exercise, your abs will look great already. After all, raising the legs, you work through the weakest portion of the stomach - the lower press. This exercise will allow you to further relieve the load on the spine. It is no secret that many young mothers experiencing severe back pain after pregnancy and childbirth.

Step 3:

Do not forget to work on the back muscles, as paradoxical as it may sound. Weak back allows the lower back to arch forward, and stomach starts to stick out automatically. To strengthen the muscles of the waist, lie on the floor. Stretch your arms forward. Tighten your entire body and at the same time lift the arms and legs, without bending the elbow and knee joints. The body has to bend up with stress, like an onion. At the highest point of pause for a second and slowly lower your body to the mat.

Step 4:

If you regularly work your abdominal muscles very quickly come back to normal. After all, the very nature of muscle tissue laid ability to contract. Skin - is another matter. To restore skin elasticity and firmness of the abdomen, you will have to spend a lot of effort. The best home remedies are massage and body wraps. Every day, in the morning or before going to bed, rub the skin with a stiff brush. Achieve strong reddening. Bloodsurge gradually restore the functionality of epidermal cells. Massage and body wraps can be done both in the salon and at home. The main thing is the regularity and accuracy of the procedures.

Step 5:

If, despite all your efforts, the skin of the abdomen remains loose and stretched, try to pass mesotherapy procedure, when done breastfeeding. Mesotherapy is very well proven exactly when restoring skin elasticity. An experienced cosmetic surgeon will select nutritious cocktail that is suitable for your body, so carefully choose the clinic for surgery.