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How to remove fat in the abdomen

What woman does not dream to get rid of the extra kilos and have a flat stomach tight? But, considering that the construction of beautiful, slender body requires hard work and strict discipline, and many leave this dream unfulfilled. Try to get out of the vicious circle.

How to remove fat in the abdomen

Instruction how to remove fat in the abdomen

Step 1:

Even pumped up press simply can not be seen under a thick layer of fat. Therefore, in addition to exercise, you can not do without a good cardio, which allows to burn a lot of calories. With its forms of physical activity which involved the muscles of the back and abdomen, such as jumping rope, belly dance or kickboxing. Engage for 30-45 minutes, alternating intensity is three to five times a week.

Step 2:

Make your press hard with the help of a friend since school physical education lessons exercises, which now remains the most effective way of gaining a thin waist and flat stomach. This exercise - the good old "bike" that will make all the work, including the difficult, abdominal muscles.

Step 3:

Lying on your back, lift and bend your knees. Shins must be parallel to the floor. Somknite fingers, place your hands behind your head, spread your elbows to the side, tighten the press. Straighten an angle of 45 degrees to the floor right leg, simultaneously lifting off the floor head, neck, shoulder blades. Stretch your left knee to the right shoulder. Slowly return to starting position, then repeat with the other leg. It is considered one repetition.

Step 4:

Follow the "bicycle" at least three or four times a week. Start with two or three sets of ten to fifteen repetitions, and gradually bring the number up to twenty repetitions. To increase the maximum load pull the leg parallel to the floor. To create a maximum load on the abdominal muscles, try to work his whole body, while leaving the bent leg fixed.