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How to sew a suit for figure skating

Making costumes for skating on ice begins with music. Designer, listening to music, making a sketch of the future masterpiece. Then begins the process of selection of fabric. For this purpose, special materials, because the load on the enormous material.

How to sew a suit for figure skating

You will need:

- sketch; - the cloth; - Needles; - Thread; - sewing machine.

Instruction how to sew a suit for figure skating

Step 1:

During the lessons and performances, skaters perform complex gymnastic tricks that will stand far from any tissue. Knitwear stretched woven fabric is torn. The most popular type of fabric used to make the costumes for figure skating is supplex. This material has a high degree of stability to the information perfectly stretched and immediately returns to its original state.

Step 2:

Start with a bathing suit, if sew women's costume. Due to the particular fabric, sew it on one or two sizes smaller, it will sit like a glove. Prepare a pattern adjacent main board (see figure). It is planned to the pattern on the waist line. Prepare a pattern of narrow sleeves. Apply it to the line style.

Step 3:

Take back the drawing. Put down four centimeters from the middle of the back to then sew the zipper. Tick. Continue up the line to the middle of the back four centimeters. Put one centimeter from the germ by the shoulder line, from the point №1 up to three centimeters. Connect the dots №3 smooth lines with a point №4, as well as the shoulder line.

Step 4:

Put four centimeters from the armhole to the shoulder and four centimeters to the left. Move the side seam line two centimeters to the right. Divide the waist line in half. From the point of division set aside to the right and to the left on poltora- two centimeters. This depth of darts. Put yourself to the point of T2 and T3.

Step 5:

Construct two equal wave from the waist line. Cut T2, divide in half. To lower this perpendicular line at half line T2. End connected by straight lines from point T3. By analogy, and build a second scar. The recess on the sewing line skirt to the bodice should fit the shape and size of the tooth.

Step 6:

Build a wedge drawing pattern skirt. Vykroyte rest by analogy. Draw a vertical line down the length of the skirt. Swipe left and right horizontal lines, which set aside the width of the wedge equal to the tooth width multiplied by four.

Step 7:

Proceed to the pattern front of the suit. Put the middle of the front to three centimeters upwards (see figure) and put one centimeter from point №3. The same distance is plotted along the shoulder line of the neck.

Step 8:

Put the point №1 up two and a half centimeter to the right. It is necessary for the construction of the rack. Connect a straight line from the bottom of the neck point point №1. Put four centimeters from the shoulder line. Determine the depth of the chest darts, put the point P.

Step 9:

Move the side seam line to the right by two centimeters. Aside from the hoist line of the depth of the second dart to two centimeters. Draw a line from the armhole to the point 2. Construct two equal wave from the waist (as well as on the back).

Step 10:

Fold the fabric in half with the bend in the transverse threads. Lay the pattern as shown in the figure. Vykroyte details. Sew stachnym seam bodice with lining. Supply air pocket bag inside out. Sew the zipper back, middle back. File off the sleeves and hem bottom.

Step 11:

File off wedges skirts razutyuzhte seams. Supply air oblique Bakey two centimeters wide at a distance of three centimeters from the bottom of the skirt. Embroider the bottom of the skirt above the inlay.

Step 12:

Baste bodice with a skirt on the scar line. Make a notch in each corner of the wedge. Stitch seam from the inside stachnym. Fold the lining face to face and top stitched at the bottom of the skirt. Remove the liner inside out and attach to the seams wedges. Process for the top rack suit. Hem lining to sleeves. Machined sleeves. Otutyuzhte iron.

Step 13:

To sew a man's suit a little easier. Tailor a shirt of the type "Body", fix the bottom of the buttons. Sew pants to special footstraps or gum to fix the skates. Stand-up collar single cut bodice - adjacent.

Step 14:

Sew the zipper - zipper on the back. Arrange the bottom of the bodice in the form of scars. Cut skirt flared consists of eight wedges. Trimmed skirt bottom with bias binding and embroidery. Machined sleeves. They should be oblique, loose-fitting for more comfortable movement.


Book sewing costumes for figure skating in the studio. You can also arrange online order for production of suit ( You only need to take your measurements and report them to the "Order" section. You will be contacted soon for details. Made clothing is sent by courier or taken independently.