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How to sharpen hockey skates

Hockey skates should be inspected regularly to monitor the degree of wear of the blades. Acute horse provides a better sliding, allowing for more precise control over the movement and balance, which ultimately affects the sensations of riding. Therefore, it is safe to say that rapid progress can be achieved only player in the well-sharpened skates.

How to sharpen hockey skates

Instruction how to sharpen hockey skates

Step 1:

Sharpening should not just be blunt blade. In the first place needs to finalize a new, just bought a horse. It is believed that the factory already sharpened blade optimally and is suitable for any player, but for the experienced players it is obvious that it needs work. Correct sharpening will help shape profile, ideal for a particular player. Moreover - profile must be changed in the learning process, guided by individual needs.

Step 2:

Properly sharpened skate must have a small notch at the base of the blade, which will form two distinct edges of the ridge. These edges allow to make the right jerk, so sharpening hockey skates reduced essentially to the restoration of the groove on the blade. The main thing - to send their horses in the hands of professionals, as the depth of the groove edges of the level, the ratio of the radii of the groove and profile - all this affects the style and quality of skiing.

Step 3:

Also not recommended for grinding your own, because without good equipment will be difficult to comply with the required dimensions that will lead to an imbalance on the ice. After sharpening skate it must be inspected and, if necessary, to bring the blades themselves. To do this, remove burrs on the blade using the diamond sharpening stone, sand microparticles using a polishing stone faces and give the desired shape using a coarse honing stone. These manipulations ridge provide excellent adhesion, especially if after finishing lubricate the blade with a special oil, reducing the friction force. Now you can experience the new blade during a regular workout.

Step 4:

The main thing - to monitor the state of skates, and will be felt as soon as slippage or imbalance, again sent to the grind. With intense training, it makes sense to sharpen the skates once in 2-3 weeks.