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How to sit on the cross twine quickly

Transverse twine - the most difficult type of stretching. For many people, it becomes an unattainable dream because of features of a constitution or a lack of perseverance. In some sports twine is a mandatory element of the program - in sports aerobics, gymnastics, etc.

How to sit on the cross twine quickly

Instruction on how to sit cross twine quickly

Step 1:

Before the start of training on the flexibility necessary to warm up the muscles well. Include a warm-up exercise for the rotation in the hip and ankle joints, flexion and extension at the knees. Effective for warming up training on a treadmill and a stationary bike. Try to exercise in a warm room. Dress in stretchy pants and a trowel, completely covering the body. So you can avoid cooling muscles during stretching.

Step 2:

Train at least three times a week for 30 minutes. If you want to sit on the cross twine quickly - takes at least five times a week. The first time after the occupation of stretching the muscles start to hurt, it is better to train every 1-2 days until the pain will pass. After the muscles to adapt to the load can move on to daily activities.

Step 3:

Combine exercises stretching with moderate weight training. During power loads muscles contract and relax successively, develops intermuscular coordination. Do lunges forward with dumbbells in hand, squats with light weight, kick their feet forward and to the sides of the load. Suck lower leg muscles, hips and buttocks at the gym. Stretching efficient to do after strength training.

Step 4:

During the execution of stretching exercises, try to relax the muscles. Tense muscles you do not get to stretch. Do tensile force for 10-15 seconds on the exhale, inhale on - back to its original position. Keep your back straight. If there is severe pain - loosen the tension of the ligaments. You need to pull gently, without sudden jerks.

Step 5:

Include stretching three major exercises that will help you take on cross-twine: - Sit on the floor, legs spread as much as possible to the sides. Raise your hands up, straighten your back and make five smooth leaned forward to returning to the initial position Then lower your arms down and drag them as far as possible from him for 10-20 seconds. Take a short break and repeat 3-5 times. Try to reach for the floor not only hands, but also the chest, abdomen. Ideally, you should totally go to the body on the floor. Drag and to the right and left leg. - Ip - Standing, feet wider than shoulder width. Clasp hands elbows and drag down the forearm. When you make it to the floor, reduce the distance between the legs and repeat. - Ip - Standing, feet wider than shoulder width, palms rest on the floor, fingers facing forward, back straight, chin raised. Gradually spreads her legs to the side, trying to reduce the distance to the floor. You feel unbearable pain - sit down, relax. Take 3-5 times. This exercise perform better on slippery surfaces - linoleum floor.