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How to speed up response

The response is called the response of the organism to the action of any external stimulus. Good response requires many athletes: the drivers, boxers, tennis players, sprinters and other. The reaction rate plays an important role in non-standard situations, such as a sudden attack on the street. In it are two main periods: the latency and motor. Latent response time depends on the rate of occurrence of neural processes. It is at 80% due to heredity and almost defies development. Reduced response time is carried out by increasing the speed of decision-making and motor actions.

How to speed up response

Instruction how to speed up response

Step 1:

To accelerate the reaction is possible by means of specialized exercises that are similar in structure to your sport. The choice of exercises depends on the type of reaction to the touch, at the hearing, vision. Sprinters need quick reflexes to shot a flare gun. Response to the sound signal will start running at a distance. The representatives of team sports require visual reaction development. Besides tennis player in a fraction of a second it is necessary not only to evaluate the trajectory, strength and speed of flight of the ball, but also to have time to strike back. Fighters important response to touch. They need to both see and feel the action of the enemy in time to dodge and carry forward the reception.

Step 2:

Train speed is a simple response to a particular stimulus using multiple repetitions of the same movement, trying to achieve with each repetition maximum speed. To accelerate the reaction can be simple using the widespread exercise. Pull forward hand with an open palm to the edge of the floor. His partner has to take the line of 30-40 cm long and keep its end down 2 cm above the palm of your hand. When he suddenly let go of the line, try as quickly as possible to catch it. Forearm thus remains stationary. The reaction rate is measured at the distance that flew lineup.

Step 3:

If you need to develop a complex reaction, pick exercises in which different possible course of action. Selecting an action should depend on the type of external signal. In single combat, it looks like this: when a side impact the enemy hand you put a block by hand, and at the lower side kick - bend your leg at the knee. if desired enemy can inflict several blows straight arm, and a few kicks, using various combinations of the two movements. Try to combine in one exercise no more than three different options for action.