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How to strengthen the fist blow

Physical strength and the bounce is not identical concepts. Properly delivered a blow can be in a completely inconspicuous in appearance athlete. Important in a good punch - it is the right equipment. And over this technique it is necessary to work long and hard.

How to strengthen the fist blow

You will need:

- metal sledgehammer; - Boxing paws; - Helping partner; - Boxing paws; - Carpal expander; - Rigidly fixed tires; - Rope.

Instruction how to strengthen fist punch

Step 1:

Always work with carpal expanders. Choose the most hard copy of which will be able to find and work alternately with both hands. Squeeze expander sharply, with the maximum power application. This exercise will allow you to gradually get rid of fat on the hands and the most developed interdigital muscle. As a result, the weight will be more than a fist and kick - stronger.

Step 2:

If you are not engaged in professional boxing, and you fight with your bare hands, be sure to include in their training plyometric push-ups with their fists. Take the emphasis lying on the fists, feet rest on the floor only socks. Slowly lower your body down, trying to touch the floor feeding. Then throw sharp push the torso up and clap your hands under the breast at the time of the flight. Landing strictly fists. Such push-ups develop thrust force of both hands and knuckles become more rude and insensitive to pain during the strike.

Step 3:

Do the exercises on the development of a strong push down. Any kick starts with a push with his foot. Approximately 40% of the strength and impact of field depends on this movement.

Step 4:

Daily follow jumping rope high while lifting the hips. Try to push off from the floor rapidly and strongly, jumping up so that your knees touch the chest.

Step 5:

The strength of the biceps is playing at his best role. On the contrary, strong flexors prevent strike a truly knockout blow. Learn to strike relaxed hand.

Step 6:

Mandatory exercise for all boxers are training with a sledgehammer. Take a sturdy all-metal hammer and apply it blows on the tires, embedded in the ground or is rigidly fixed by other means. So you will achieve relaxation biceps and inclusion in the work of just those muscles that are needed to strike.

Step 7:

By working with a partner on the feet, strike with, as if trying to break through his paw. It is proved that just before reaching the goal of slowing the movement of the hand slightly, and beat loses its power. Therefore beat as if the goal you are aiming to hit is 10-15 cm further.

Step 8:

The blow made at the time of the rotational movement of the body and supports the transfer of the right foot to the left. To invest in a blow all the centrifugal force of the body, touching his fist target must be done before you touch the floor left foot. "I will take the floor" Otherwise, much of the strike power.

Step 9:

The strongest strokes are very fast, so that the enemy does not have time to see them and react. The best way to quickly hit mining - a "shadow boxing". Do this exercise every day for 10-15 minutes.

Step 10:

In order not to waste kinetic thrust force, make sure that the blow came from the shoulder. The elbow and fist have to move in the same plane.

Step 11:

Train strike, clenching his fist with a maximum intensity at the last moment before touching the purpose. This will hit hard and "dry". Up to this point the hand should be substantially relaxed. Practiced this skill at a rapid pace, alternating punches and open hand.